What you should know about traveling to the Midwest during COVID-19

Road trips have made a strong comeback in 2020 and they are expected to continue gaining momentum throughout 2021. While the thought of a road trip might sound amazing right about now, we also know that navigating COVID-19 guidelines and keeping up with the latest information can be really tricky. We’ve rounded up the current guidelines with reliable sources for major cities across the U.S. in this blog series. Whether you’re planning a vacation or you just want to know what’s going on in our top destinations in the United States, this is a great resource for you to follow along!

Why the Midwest?

There are many great destinations across the United States but we thought we’d start with the midwest because, well, who doesn’t love this region? Home to Motown, deep-dish pizza, the top of the Mississippi River, and more.  

Five different Midwest cities and how each of them are currently handling Covid-19 restrictions.


Chicago, Illinois has had strict restrictions since the beginning of the shut down and is reopening very cautiously.  The state of Illinois has been in Phase 4 since June 26, 2020, but the city of Chicago has made amendments such as a curfew for non-essential business to close between 11:00 PM-6:00 AM.  A full list of amendments can be found here. If you plan to visit the Windy City, you will have to take a famous Chicago hotdog back to your hotel room.  Take-out only right now.


Ah.. yes, The Motor City, Detroit! Detroit, Michigan is following all the Covid-19 guidelines provided by the state of Michigan Health Department.  Check out this helpful diagram of what is allowed in Phase 4. Restaurants and bars are open with limited seating, so if you are looking to grab a bite at Mike’s Famous Ham Place, you’re in luck!

Kansas City

The Barbecue Capital of the Midwest, Kansas City, MO!  Restaurants are open at full capacity in Kansas City and bars are open at 50% occupancy.  While Kansas City restaurants are open, officials are asking that everyone is careful and continues to social distance. You can find Kansas City Covid-19 guidelines here. And for good measure, you might as well check out the best Kansas City barbecue restaurants here


Minneapolis, Minnesota is known for their comfort and Scandinavian food, because…well, it can get really cold there! Minneapolis is currently in Phase 3 of their Covid-19 restrictions.  For them, this means that restaurants and bars are allowed 50% occupancy for indoor and up to 250 guests for outdoor capacity.  If you are looking to stay warm inside and enjoy some fun games and food, you can make a reservation for one of these arcade and gaming restaurants as they allow 25% occupancy.  If you are interested in visiting Minneapolis or just want to know more about their version of Phase 3, here are their Covid-19 guidelines.


Wichita, Kansas is known for their steak, but here is a little secret: the price of their steak is about half the price compared to steakhouses around the country.  Here is where you can find some great Wichita steakhouses. Wichita currently allows for restaurants and bars to have 50% occupancy.  Restaurants and bars have a curfew of 1:00 AM, so you can still be a party animal.  Here is where you can find Wichita Covid-19 Guidelines.

Mask Mandates and More…

These five great midwest cities all have mask mandates that require all residents and visitors to wear a mask in public spaces.  Here is a list of some Midwest companies selling stylish face masks. 

All of these cities also look to CDC guidelines to keep their citizens safe. The CDC recommends taking your temperature to monitor your daily health. We encourage anyone traveling to self monitor and behave responsibly. Having a fever of 100.4 is a symptom of Covid-19. 

Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan all require businesses to screen their employees before entering the workplace which includes temperature checks. The city of Chicago took it a step further by suggesting that businesses such as health clubs, hair and nail salons, barber shops, restaurants, and day camps check customers’ temperature before entering, so be prepared for that added safety measure. 

And There You Have It…

Covid-19 has created a new world for all of us.  It is important that we do everything we can to keep each other safe when visiting cities or moving around our own hometowns. Stay tuned for our next roundup of top destinations! As always,  DigiTHERM is here to assist you and your business by keeping your employers and customers safe- feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!