We’ve rounded up the current guidelines with reliable sources for major cities across the U.S. in this blog series. Whether you are planning a vacation, or you just want to know what’s going on in our top destinations in the United States, this is a great resource for you to follow along!

In the last part of this series, we are visiting the Northeast. The Northeast is home to some of the oldest and most historical cities in the country.  From midnight rides to conquering stairs for Adrienne, welcome to the Northeast!


As Tracy Turnblad would say in Hairspray, “Good Morning Baltimore!” Baltimore is currently in Phase 1. The city of Baltimore is working with businesses to reopen safely.  It is recommended that all businesses screen their employees by checking their temperature and making sure they are feeling well before starting work. If you plan to visit Baltimore make sure to check their COVID-19 updates before visiting attractions like those at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The Inner Harbor has tons of great restaurants, museums, and fun water activities but some are closed right now. The parks and trails are a great way to take in the sights. Museums, attractions, and casinos are opened at reduced capacities. Restaurants are closed for in-person dining as of now. We recommend monitoring this city closely before visiting.


Beantown!  Locals usually don’t call Boston Beantown, but it’s just so much fun to say!  Boston gets its nickname from their famous baked beans, Beantown Origin.  If you are traveling to Boston anytime soon, get ready to quarantine or produce a negative COVID-19 test that has been administered within 72 hours prior to your arrival under the MA COVID-19 Travel Order.  Boston is currently in a modified Phase 2.  Restaurants are allowed to serve indoors with a capacity of 25 guests.  Be sure to put B&G Oysters on your restaurant list. Restaurants and businesses in Boston are making sure to screen all of their employees with temperature checks. They also require face masks and social distance to make sure they are keeping employees and customers safe.  A great way to social distance and see the historic sites of Boston is to follow the yellow path and walk the Freedom Trail.  

New York City

City so nice they named it twice!  New York City has been hit hard by COVID-19.  Governor Cuomo has implemented many initiatives to help slow the spread of the virus.  Guests that travel to New York City must have a negative COVID-19 test administered 3 days prior to traveling, quarantine 3 days in New York, and have a negative COVID-19 test on the fourth day.  Different industries are also in different phases based on their risk of spreading the virus.  Restaurants are in Phase 1 and 2.  There is no indoor dining in New York City right now, but you can eat outside or get your food to go. View all of the COVID-19 Phases of NYC before traveling.  

The best way to eat in New York City is on the go or on a park bench.  Here are some of the best hot dog carts in the city. Museums are open with reservations, face masks, social distancing, and temperature checks.  The American Museum of Natural History just made its 150th Anniversary.  Don’t forget to make your reservation so you can explore the latest T-Rex exhibits!


Philadelphia- The City of Brotherly Love.  When arriving in Philadelphia you should know that it is possible for your airline to take your temperature before you head out to see the sights according to the Philly Airport COVID-19 resources.  Would you like to be Rocky for a moment?  All you have to do is run up the Rocky steps put up your arms in the air and yell…”ADRIENNE!”  It’s a great outdoor activity that is easy for social distancing & photo opps.  Philadelphia’s indoor activities are open but with limited capacity.  Restaurants are now open with 25% occupancy so check to see if you can make a reservation ahead of time. You can’t go to Philly without trying a Philly cheesesteak!  Stop by Geno’s but be sure to decide if you want a Philly cheesesteak with or without whiz.

Washington, DC

Our Nation’s Capital- Washington, DC.  Washington, DC is currently in Phase 2 of their COVID-19 reopening plan.  There are so many great attractions to see in DC and Mayor Muriel Bowser has put these guidelines into place to keep citizens and visitors safe. View all of the Phase 2 guidelines before traveling.

The ARTECHOUSE brings art, science, and technology under one roof for a one-of-a-kind multimedia experience. You will have to make a reservation before you go and your temperature will be checked before you are allowed inside.  Restaurants are open for outdoor dinning or take out only right now.  Here is a list of some of the Best Outdoor Dining Spots in DC.

Thank you for traveling with us as we navigate this new world, we are all currently living in.  Please remember to wear your mask, wash your hands, and check your symptoms, so we can keep each other safe.  DigiTHERM is here to assist you and your business in finding the right health-safe solution to keep your employees and customers safe. https://digi-therm.com/