In this blog series we’ve discussed best practices for the safe return of in-person events and we examined some resources from meetings & event industry leaders.  We also explored the hybrid event format and the benefits. In this last segment we wanted to explore the possibilities of COVID-19 testing at live events.


Why test attendees for COVID-19 at live events?

Planning and executing a live event before COVID-19 was a ton of work but the pandemic has drastically increased the workload. With the phrase SUPER SPREADER on everyone’s mind, your cortisol levels might be at an all-time high at the thought of planning an event. You do not want to host a meeting or conference in an unsafe manner that might put your attendees at risk of contracting COVID-19. One way to ensure attendee safety ( and bring down your stress level) is to take major precautions so the virus does not attend your live event.

Many live events have returned with temperature screening. Some event hosts have even asked for a negative COVID-19 test result prior to arrival.  Event organizers are now taking further steps by offering rapid COVID-19 testing onsite.

In Florida, the WWIN Orlando Showcase, Magic Pop-Up Orlando and Officeprice Orlando Market had thousands of visitors over a three-day period.  Attendees were required to wear masks, have a temperature check, and provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test.  Planners also offered COVID-19 tests to attendees onsite.  The organizers’ commitment to health safety allowed for a safe and successful three-day event.

Hotel brands like Hilton and Marriott are also offering COVID-19 testing to meeting planners through a third party vendor. These trained experts will assist with onsite testing for meetings and events.  Hilton and Marriott have found that as live events make a comeback, more clients are requesting health screening and testing options.  Offering COVID-19 tests to your attendees provides another way to keep everyone at your conference safe and prevent super spreader events.  So how do you provide tests to attendees?


How to test for COVID-19 at live events.

Find a third-party vendor who can provide rapid COVID-19 testing to attendees and guests.  It is best to hire an expert when it comes to safely administering the test.  Both Hilton and Marriott use a third-party vendor to assist with COVID-19 testing for their in-house meetings.  You do not want your staff administering tests or handling swabs if they are not qualified to do so.  You must also have a designated area at the entrance of the conference or meeting to ensure everyone is tested before entering. Lastly, make sure that you communicate to your attendees that everyone will be tested prior to entering.

While testing your attendees is a great way to try and keep COVID-19 from becoming an attendee at your meeting or conference please remember to implement as many safety measures as possible for your in-person event attendees.  Continue to screen all attendees daily for symptoms by using temperature checks, especially if you decide not to rapid test every day.  Make sure that attendees wear masks, practice social distancing and proper handwashing.


We can help!

As we continue to see a return to live events it is important to remember that the safety of our staff and attendees should be our number one priority.  Please know that DigiTHERM is here to help you make a safe return to live events.  DigiTHERM is your one stop for all health screening including onsite Covid-19 rapid testing, infrared temperature scanning kiosks, custom QR screening information intake, and digital messaging sanitizer units.

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