Frequently Ask Questions

What is shipment time?

Our current inventory cycle is approximately 14 days. Inventory and future inventory is allocated on first come first serve basis. If we have in stock we will ship or deliver next day.

Is any interaction required to operate?

The kiosk is touchless and requires no interaction by an operator. It is handsfree for the customer or employee as well. They just need to stand in front of the tablet anywhere from 12”-36” away for 2 seconds.

How long is the setup?

The Digi-THERM kiosk is plug and play. There is no software configuration necessary. Once the device is plugged in the system takes approximately 30 seconds to load and ready for its first scan.

How accurate is the temperature scan?

Our Level D medical grade thermal sensor is extremely accurate – to approx. ± 0.5 °F.
The thermal sensor is an FDA compliant thermographic device. 

Where do you recommend setting up the DigiTHERM Kiosk?

We recommend the device set up indoors. If it must be outside, please make sure it’s in a shaded area out of the direct sunlight to avoid false readings.

How does the DigiTHERM Kiosk display the scan results?

The screen will display the guest’s temperature as well as a green light at the top of the screen for a pass value or a red light will illuminate if the temperature is above the threshold.

What is the warranty?

The Digi-THERM kiosk comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. It covers manufacture defects only.

What is the temperature threshold?

The temperature threshold can be set manually to whatever temperature the end client prefers. We recommend and preset the temperature to alert at 100.4°F per CDC Guidelines.

Does the system integrate with other devices?

The system can integrate with certain gate entries, turnstiles, electronic lock gates. Please email info@digi-therm.com with any questions.

Does the system have an API / SDK / Cloud-based Software?

Due to the high demand for the product and urgency to deliver, we are still in development of different software functionality. If you have any requests, we would appreciate any requests that can benefit our clients and the safety of everyone.